14th-19th March 2017


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International Falco Cup

UCAM FalcoTrail HG team opens you the desert gateway

Unbeatable price

Race: 190€. Race + travel: from 480€

Family race

Enjoy the race with your family

Signposted circuit

UCAM FalcoTrail HG experience into the Desert










Registration is now open. Only 200 seats!!!


The FalcoDesert 45K race, is a succession of surprises focused to stimulate all your senses. Facing the desert, the heat and the distance under rough conditions. You must grit yours teeth to reach the top of the 3 large dunes.

The desert is unique and unrepeatable.

Miguel Ángel González-Conde

FalcoDesert Director, UCAM FalcoTrail HG Director

The desert is more than a place of great beauty. The Berber people… a warrior tribe who still has not lost its identity and still preserves tradition and customs.  Falcodesert 45K is a responsible event with the enviroment.

Let’s flee of this abominable tourism. Respect our planet.

Miguel Hernández

President, Viento Norte Sur


Closed Registration I FalcoDesert 2017

Next Tuesday we goes to Merzouga for FalcoDesert 2017.
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Abdel Ait will participate in FalcoDesert 2017

Clinica Innova de Cehegín will sponsor in its adventure to Abdel Ait. Abdel Ait is a Spanish Paralympic athlete competing mainly in the category T46 medium distance and marathons. Originally from Merzouga (Morocco). Some of his achievements: World Champion getting...
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The Russian runner Dmitry Erokhin accepts the challenge.

Some of their challenges since 2009. 2009 ran its first Russian Championship 100km ending at position 8 ultra. Sahara 2013. The main challenge in the race of Dmitry Erokhin, in terms of complexity, the task of the ambition, self-realization as an athlete was the...
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The desert does not deceive you. From the first moment let you things clear. Their own habitat says: ' get ready, this is gonna be tough '. The desert calls resistant and eager for adventure racers. Something like Lawrence of Arabia. Why is a test where the...
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MountainRunningPhoto official photographer FalcoDesert

We have already confirmed Jose Miguel Muñoz - MountainrunningPhoto as official photographer of the 2017 FalcoDesert. Welcome to the team FalcoDesert. José Miguel Muñoz - MountainrunningPhoto is a specialist in mountain racing photographer and recognized for his...
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Champions 10k FalcoDesert 2016 – challenge presentation

Jose Luis Bru from Elche and  Marta Martin Morata from Barcelona have been the winners of this first edition of FalcoDesert in the form of 10k, which has served as a preparation and test for FalcoDesert of March 2017. Congratulations to the champions. [gallery...
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Viento Norte Sur, works in this area with local associations in order to improve the living conditions of vulnerable groups. With your participation in this race you are collaborating economically in the project.

If you want to know more about our work in this area, Read the project.


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